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FOMO Inc. News

  • Recent Stuff:
  • 2/8/2020: FOMO INC. just launched! We submitted to and - Waiting for traffic and new players. Referral link will make you earn 5% from referral players withdrawals. Instant dividend distribution is 20% of TRX amount invested and it goes straight to shareholders Royalties!

Smart Contract

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  • Buy Shares @ TRX 25 each(desktop only)


  • Withdraw dividends and exit game

FOMO Inc. Rules

  • How to play FOMO Inc.
  • 1)Buy shares at TRX 25 each.
    2)Each share gives you 0.04 FOMO/day
    3)Each share gives you Royalties from subsequent global investments
    4)Royalties are available to be withdrawn at any time
    5)Trade your earned FOMO for TRX at the available exchange rates
    6)TRX earned from exchange goes directly to your wallet
    7)When you decide to withdraw your Royalties, your shares will be deleted